I first met Leanne, creator of Ladoru a few years back when we crossed paths at a gathering for the church we both attend. Instantly, I was drawn to her effortlessly cool style and the way she spoke about her work in graphic design was inspiring. We met up for coffee shortly after and as we sat huddled in a corner booth of the Grey Dog eating brunch, our minds soared as we discussed all of our creative goals and dreams. This girl was going places.

Fast forward a few years and after many more talks like that first one over good food and wine, the brand that she’s had in her heart was being set in motion. She asked me to take the photos and it was easily one of my favorite shoots of the year. Take a closer look at Ladoru.


Models Pictured: Camille Johnson, Claire Sersun, Aleah Gani, Sandra Zhang, Shanae BurchMiranda Cazin

Styling Assistants: Alicia McCord and Camille Johnson

Creative Direction: Leanne Aranador

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